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Chromosome Webinar

Chromosome Webinar

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  • Chromosome Connections for your Classroom
  • Modeling Methylation in Epigenetics

Chromosome Connections for your Classroom

Model mitosis, meiosis, chromosome structure, and crossing over with hands-on models to help your students connect microscopic genetics concepts to molecular DNA concepts. Bring your student hat and be ready to engage. - Sandra Crusa, NBCT Mica Mountain High School  

Modeling Methylation in Epigenetics

Explore the complexities of gene regulation in eukaryotes, and how the modification of amino acids in histones, and the modification of nucleotides in DNA, impact gene expression in eukaryotic organisms. Model methylation with the field test Nucleosome Kit to increase student understanding! - Tim Herman, PhD, Milwaukee School of Engineering & 3D Molecular Designs 

Registration includes a free Chromosome Student Modeling Pack©.