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Flu Fight: Immunity & Infection©
Flu Fight: Immunity & Infection©
Flu Fight: Immunity & Infection©

Flu Fight: Immunity & Infection©

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Students can use our 3-dimensional Antibody and Antigen Models to actively simulate the antibody binding and specificity they observe in the Flu Fight & Immunity poster.

Explore this beautiful and accurate panoramic poster by scientist, author, and artist David Goodsell, PhD, to learn how our bodies battle Influenza virus infections. Students engage with key proteins and cell structures while investigating an infection when antibodies are present, and when they are not, including: 

  • Infection of the ciliated epithelial cells of our upper respiratory tract 
  • Virus neutralization by antibodies in the mucosal barrier 
  • In the absence of antibodies, how the virus binds in the cell membrane 
  • Virus fusion with the endosomal membrane 
  • Release of segmented viral RNA into the cytoplasm
Infectious disease and immunity concepts become unforgettable after investigating this persistent health phenomena that can infect 10% of the world’s population annually. These captivating watercolor images connect the molecular world, inferred by X-ray crystallography and NMR spectroscopy, with the cellular world, observed by light and electron microscopy. This poster is one of the Cellular Landscapes offered by 3D Molecular Designs.