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Modeling Mini Toobers©
Modeling Mini Toobers©

Modeling Mini Toobers©

Product Code: MTBR-01
Sale price$14.00

With a quick twist or fold, your students can easily show what they know about DNA or proteins!

You will want to have these versatile and fun toobers within easy reach throughout the school year. With one toober per kit, students can:

  • Fold and twist the 1-meter-long toober into alpha helices or beta sheets
  • Indicate the 3’ and 5’ ends of a DNA model or N and C terminus of a polypeptide with blue and red caps
  • Use two toobers together to demonstrate the plectonemic nature of DNA
You can easily use these before or after a more thorough exploration of protein folding and protein structure with other kits such as the Amino Acid Starter Kit©.